slooooow running


4.0km 39.56min 9.59min/km (16.03min/mi)

While my niece was at the track with her long jump coach, I ran around the track 10 times. Very, very, very slowly. I felt heavy and far too hot to go any quicker. It’s no more than walking pace, really. I guess I have to reconcile to not getting my speed back, and just be glad that even slow running reduces the risk of heart disease. I’m kinda looking forward to cooler and less polluted days when I can run a bit more. The past week I’m so dependent on antihistamines it’s not funny. A couple of times I had to take 2 tablets to make the allergy symptoms go away or even to get to sleep. Annoying.

Anyway, it was nice to be able to run on a track again. Short of scenic routes like the lake or Hyde Park, a track, any track, is better than along polluted and traffic-heavy roads.