noisetrade music discovery

New downloads from noisetrade. Free (optional tipping) music and books to discover new artists.

A sampler from sleeping at ast, aka Ryan O’Neal from chicago (no, not the actor). Comparisons to radiohead and nick drake, which is how I got to them through search on the site. I thought he sounded more like coldplay, which, depending on point of view, may or may not be a good thing. Personally, I like coldplay so I’m keeping the sampler. He’s also performed a few songs for films and tv.

On the homepage and top of the downloads list is delta spirit, similar to the shins and my morning jacket. A bit too loud for me.

A great new discovery is the rival, comparable to keane, the killers, MGMT and U2. No surprise there. Run Run, the first song from the album was actually the iphone 5 launch song and a pretty good addition to my running playlist.

And just to show I’m not always about the male indie bands, I also downloaded Welsh singer sera. I like her, she has a good voice and you can hear the Welsh lilt when she sings.

Finally, there’s classical pianist Ben Amend, a couple of miscellaneous pieces and an EP called winter woods, more new age-y music than classical. Really, really good. Great playing, great atmospheric pieces. My favourite out of all the downloads today.

For some reason, noisetrade won’t let me download ebooks. Ah well, I’ll stick with music discovery. I also wish they had a shopping cart to consolidate all tips made in one session instead of having to do multiple small $5 transactions.