fun with twitter

I joined twitter in 2007 so a bit earlier than many people I know. I don’t post a lot though, for the longest time I used it only to keep track of #running and #weights workouts. Been including tweetdeck as one of my startup tabs recently, where else but at twitter can I keep track of important news and movements like #occupyhk and the fight against #gamergate.

I have around 200 followers, most of whom are inactive. I mentioned before that I get some @mentions in Indonesian or Malay:

Some are wrong tweets, probably for @wattpad:

I decided to have some fun with the most recent wrong number tweet:

Why? Because I couldn’t make any sense of the post. Was it suggestive? Sarcastic? Derogatory? I know the wearing of Birkenstocks equates to being nerds or hippies. I was tempted to reply with an image of crocs. Even better, I found a pic of Buzz Lightyear crocs:


The problem was, humour never comes across well on the internet, especially with people you don’t know and a conversation thread you’re clueless about. So I kept it simple:

p.s. @macy_merritt and I now follow each other.