nano day 01: 4128 words


4128 words

Another year, another nano. I’m writing PP this year, and starting the wordcount at 3604. Reached 7732 today, so nano wordcount is 4128. Going forward, I’ll just report nano wordcount.

I’m sort of an old hand at this, hahaha I have no excuse. This is my 10th nano. I’m still smarting over missing 2007, but I have to get over it one of these days. For the past few years I’ve adopted a relaxed approach:

  • basic: 1667 words
  • BP: 2000-2500 words
  • DBP: 2500-5000 words
  • TBP: anything over 5000 words

It’s worth remembering:


Anyway, I’m on chapter 4, the MCs have already met, stalked each other, had the beginnings of getting-to-know-you conversations, kissed and faced a family emergency. I’m around 2/3rd of the way through the original short story, so I haven’t padded it out too much. The plan is to go into the party in question in more detail, then expand from the short story to other events and parties.

In terms of wrist pain, this will be a tough year. I injured my left wrist I think when I was doing weights. It’s the same left wrist that gets RSI during nano, so it has been occasionally painful the last month or so already. Something is visibly swollen, I don’t know what it is. I’ll just have to push through and wear the brace more often.