the human cannonball #wine


Mum and I went to the Japanese snack store, the one that also sells non-snacks and grocery items at almost wholesale prices. Mum got noodles and some snacks. I saw this wine and I had to get it. I mean, it’s the human cannonball wine. Cabernet merlot 2012 to be precise.

I can’t find too much about it, apart from the bottler. I don’t think they are a winery, rather a bottler and producer of wines and spirits. The blurb for the human cannonball wine is pure marketing. I can imagine PT Barnum shouting this out to the crowd:

Step right up! Get your ticket and experience the eighth wonder of the world. Yes, you heard right. The Human Cannonball is here! Your mind will not believe your eyes and you brain will not believe your taste buds. The bravery and courage is the spectacle, this fearless death defier will leave your mouth wide open & chanting for more. Tell your friends and bring your family… The Human Cannonball wine range is the lighter path to drinking serious wines. Instead of being clad in leather and tweed, we encourage our drinkers to wine down (pun intended) and be the spectator of something truly amazing. What colour is your ticket?

It’s not an expensive bottle, in the region of what I’d pay for wines I use for cooking. Since I usually cook with half and drink the other half of the bottle, I’ll see when I use it whether it’ll leave me wanting to wine down (pun intended).