post-christmas puds


We purposely didn’t buy christmas puddings before christmas, hoping that they’d be on sale afterwards. Mum went to the shops at the weekend to look for them, but was disappointed that they were not there anymore. The supermarket even told her that they took them off the shelves after Christmas.

I think it depends on the area. Parents don’t live in an expat area so the demand for themed food like christmas pud probably does wane after the holiday. Plus, the shops in the area main cater for f@#king mainland locusts who probably can’t recognise christmas pud even if someone explained to them in tiny words.

I went back to my area to look at the supermarkets and shops there. Lo and behold, puds and mince pies were 35-50% off. Got her a couple waitrose ones and a couple of m&s ones. She’s the only one who likes them, and she has supplies to last a year. What a relief. To my chagrin, panettones weren’t on sale yet, may be a couple more days.