sunset at aldrich bay


We were going to get our hair cut together, but mm was too tired and decided to wait for a couple of weeks. So I went on my own. Chatted a little with Sam (our hairdresser) and we calculate that he’s been cutting my hair for more than 15 years, may be even 20. I like him because I don’t have to tell him what to do, and he’s not talkative. He knows I don’t like talking, unlike 95% of the other customers there, so he gets on it.

I went looking for panettone afterwards, but couldn’t find any. Sigh. Bought a couple of pastries to bring to mm for tea—they were really good. She was feeling more energetic and it was a nice day so we went for a walk along the seafront next to her building. Caught the sunset too. I like the colours on this pic.

She had dinner plans with her school friends, so I stopped off at my last resort supermarket to look for the elusive panettone. Yay, found them. Got an apricot & chocolate one for mum and a marron glacé for me.