#87: 101 things done

Task #87 of 101.1001 is to make a list of 101 notable things and activities achieved, excluding food and travel. These are tasks/goals that are popular on bucket lists—when I started putting this challenge together I was like, “drat I’ve done this, it can’t go on my list.” Sometimes referred to as a reverse bucket list.

  1. act in a play — extremely amateur college group, for 2 nights only; i was the leader of some sort of rebel group and started off being prisoners in chains (aka grey cardboard rings around our necks), I can’t remember the rest
  2. acupuncture — I used to have back pain and had to go to this doctor who would stretch my neck using a traction machine, acupunture my back, then manipulate my spine until it cracked, it was temporary fix. Interestingly the back pain went away when I started running
  3. appear on the news — I was walking on the street behind the reporter on the way to college, didn’t notice anything and only knew about it because mum saw me on tv
    kerrautograph amberbenson01

  5. author autographed book — i have a lot of writer friends and when I was buying physical books I was lucky enough to have them signed; the first author signing I went to was Katherine Kerr in London, the one that brought out the fangirl was Amber Benson in Chicago
  6. be on a tv show — when I was very young, like may be 5 years old, my sis and I were on an episode of a children’s program, that’s all i remember
  7. burn spaghetti cooking in a pot of water — I wasn’t much of a cook then
  8. buy a car — took me a long time to buy a car with my own money
  9. buy a house / apartment — bought before the bubble burst, took forever for the price to come back up to breakeven
    nz0491fishing nz0525salmon

  11. catch, cook, eat a fish — lake wanaka new zealand, we went salmon fishing then prepared it in our little hotel room, sashimi and other parts microwaved
  12. character in a book — won a charity auction, and the lovely writer wrote a character who was so endearingly me, wearing a shirt I want to own and in a scene with a good friend that was incredibly realistic
  13. collect things — stamps, coins, banknotes, leather bookmarks, stationery, pencils, rubbers (american: erasers), pencil cases matchboxes, swatches, whisky miniatures. Only swatches, some banknotes and whisky miniatures are left, I’m trying to figure out how to dispose of my leather bookmark and stamp collections profitably
  14. crack an egg with one hand — I can cut stuff up the chef-y way too, and cut onions fast enough without crying
  15. cut my thumb with a bread knife, blood all over the kitchen, wrapped the injury in a dish towel, remembered to set the timer to record X-files, got a taxi to the hospital and had 5 stitches—still have a slight fear of bread knives and have permanent numbness of said thumb but didn’t miss that X-files episode—I got my priorities right
  16. do something from the analog age — rotary phone, pay phone that you had to put in 2p before the pips ran out, 35mm film, vinyl record, record music off the radio onto cassette tapes
    nyc128nobu ky207wildwarehouse

  18. do stuff alone — went to the cinema, ate at Nobu, moved around the world all on my own; did the bourbon trail on my own too, taking the samples with me in the car to enjoy back at the hotel
  19. dress up in fancy costume — there’s a picture of me at 3 years old in a cute indian (as in cowboys and indians) costume; there’s also one of me at 10 years old dressed as a tree, both for school
  20. drive stick shift — this shows up on so many bucket lists. I can drive any car as long as I can reach the pedals/controls, manual or auto transmission, on both sides of the road
  21. drive 120mph on the motorway — don’t do this, kids
  22. donate blood — just once in London, to get my blood type, other countries don’t want my blood because they think people from uk have mad cow’s disease
  23. eat at a Michelin star restaurant — one star: l’atelier de joel robuchon | two stars: the ledbury
    nz1612zorb scan05gun

  25. extreme sport — did one run in a zorb in new zealand
  26. famous encounter — went to college with Viscount Newry and Mourne—actually was in the same MBA study group and didn’t know Rob was a peer until very late in the school year. Also was in the same school year as Bobby Moore’s daughter, Dinah Rose QC and once queued behind Gary Lineker at a sandwich shop—none of these people will remember me
  27. fire a gun — first term in my undergraduate year I joined the gun club and learned how to shoot a handgun; the club closed when someone accidentally shot someone else in the foot
  28. flat stanley project — for my niece, her paper doll was called flat neena
    cx1st02salad a38017landing

  30. fly first class — did that a few times, so luxurious I didn’t want to leave the plane
  31. fly in an A380 — from singapore to sydney, and on Emirates, not such a big deal now
  32. garage sale — made over USD150
  33. get a degree — yep
  34. get a postgraduate degree — yep
  35. have a portrait drawn — had a caricature drawn in Paris, it’s around someplace
  36. help a charity — my money has been working hard at kiva for a few years helping microfinance several small businesses
  37. hold a snake — at one of those shops that sell snake soup, I was too fascinated to be scared
  38. jump off a diving board — way back when I was a teenager, at the school pool
  39. jump into a pool of icy water straight from a sauna — it’s what they recommended, but omg it was sooo cold
  40. knit a scarf — can’t knit or sew; this was part of a school homework and my grandmother had to help me finish it, I’m sad that I can’t find it anymore
  41. live in a foreign country — yep, but I’m not sure what is foreign, my definition of home used to be where my furniture is and now it’s where my electronics are
  42. lose x pounds — between late 2008 and 2009, I started running and counting calories, max weight loss was closer to 30 pounds but I’ve gained some back
  43. mad scientist — walked around most of my college years in a lab coat with spatulas and pens and goggles hanging out of the pockets, played with liquid nitrogen, sniffed chloroform, poured conc. sulphuric acid from one bottle to another without gloves and without a drop spilling (do not do this EVER, kids)
  44. make a snowman — very cold winter in London, we had over 12 inches of snow that year and was the first time i saw snow
    lemoncurd201302 beet eggs day 1

  46. make my own jam — marmalade and lemon curd too
  47. make something pickled — beet eggs, so delicious
  48. mile high club — totally meaningless
  49. money: be debt free — apart from mortgage and car loan I took out for credit rating, have never been in debt and since both are paid off, is debt free
  50. money: earn more than x a year — a popular milestone set by many people
  51. money: have more than x total — another popular miestone
  52. money: invest in shares — the first shares I bought were BT shares when they were privatised, have a few more since then
    huntingknife02 ldnpara00T54

  54. own a weapon — excluding baseball bat, I have this rather lethal looking hunting knife i bought in switzerland
  55. participate in a lifesaving drill — at school, i was the victim and had to be rescued by my friend who was taking the test
  56. participate in a mexican wave — at the athletics stadium during the london 2012 paralympics
  57. participate in a protest — the day after June 4th 1989, there was a massive spontaneous protest at chinatown, the march to the chinese embassy stretched from the top of regent’s street all the way to piccadilly circus [edit: #umbrellamovement recently, of course]
  58. photo challenge: did numerous 26things, a day in the life and 31in31 challenges, check flickr sets

  60. pin all countries visited on a map of the world — it’s the home page of my travel section
  61. play a musical instrument — piano lessons when I was a kid, got to grade 6
  62. play in a school sports team — i was basketball captain even though I was the youngest, probably the shortest and wore glasses
  63. play paintball — on a cold december day, the ground was frozen so even more pain
  64. pray at the vatican — at the side of the main area at st peter’s is a peaceful, pretty chapel for praying only
    kent001wheelers scan02whitstable

  66. publish in a magazine — my picture of Wheeler’s restaurant at Whitstable was published in the oldie magazine, I got £60 out of it
  67. publish in a magazine 2 — a picture of my hands holding a separating funnel once appeared in the new scientist
  68. publish in an academic journal — there are 7 papers at the Journal of Organic Chemistry, although my supervisor wrote them, I only did the work
  69. read a banned book — American Psycho, Animal Farm, Grapes of Wrath, Nineteen Eighty-Four — surprised I haven’t read more
  70. read all the books by an author — the earliest example was Desmond Bagley
  71. register as an organ donor — problem with living in multiple countries is that it is different everywhere, anyway my NHS donor card is always in my wallet
  72. ride a camel — at the great wall, I think, it was a long time ago
  73. ride a chair lift — lots of those on ski slopes
    scan16heli wdwdhs054rock

  75. ride a helicopter — at a fair (Welwyn Garden City or Hatfield) with mum, it cost £20 or 25 per person for a 15min ride, worth every penny
  76. ride a horse — there are stables at hyde park and you can take a ride with an instructor for a few hours, can’t say I’m in any hurry to do it again
  77. ride a rollercoaster — I got dragged into trying the rock’n’roller coaster and tower of terror at walt disney world, ack never again, too scary
  78. ride a routemaster — or, jump on and off a routemaster, better known as the red london buses that have a platform in place of a door at the back
  79. ride a segway — when my friend RM came to chicago for a visit, we went on a segway tour, it was a lot of fun
  80. ride a sled — still own that sled that sis gave me
  81. ride in a stretch limo — only in New York, with fellow interns
  82. run through a sprinkler or fountain — in Singapore and at Orlando, had to quit because i was competing against kids
  83. running: charity run — don’t do a lot of running for charities, the one where I raised the most money was AIDS runwalk 5k, where I raised USD1,400
  84. running: run a marathon — chicago 2010, chicago 2011, brighton 2012
  85. running: sub-30 5k — 29:53 mins at Ravenswood 5k, one of my favourite races, it was through my local neighbourhood
  86. saw a ghost (possibly) — or may be it was just a woman in a flowing white dress walking at the side of a dimly lit road with no houses nearby
  87. see a ballet/opera/classical music concert — yep, done all of these, the most memorable was a marathon of Beethoven symphonies 1-9 at the festival hall, a whole day event
  88. see a broadway play/musical — saw rent and phantom of the opera when I was living in NYC
  89. see a cirque du soleil show — quidam I think, they were touring in switzerland in 2000-2001 and the entire staff of UBS Zurich were treated to a performance
  90. see a west end play/musical — can probably have its own mini-list — phantom, les miserables, chess, cats, miss saigon, love never dies, chicago, wicked, singin’ in the rain, matilda are the ones off the top of my head
  91. shuck an oyster — surprisingly easy
  92. sing karaoke — don’t like it, but I have done it
  93. sit for a professional photograph — I had graduation photos done when I got my first degree; and when mm got hers done I had a couple of portraits done at the same time
  94. speak another language — I would stop short of saying I’m fully bilingual; in terms of speaking I can do both, reading I’m one and a bit, as for writing it’s only english
    scan17archery stg014kski

  96. sport: archery — did a couple of times, thought it was great fun
  97. sport: fencing — went to a few fencing club lessons during my first year as an undergraduate, still remember some of the moves
  98. sport: ski or snowboard — I got to be quite a good skiier in Switzerland; tried snowboarding and never liked it
  99. sport: ski or snowboard on a dry slope — there used to be a dry ski slope in Beckton on the A13, it was the earliest experience; lately tried some indoor ski and board slopes where the slopes are like huge conveyor belts, the perspective is very different when the ground is moving
  100. survived an accident — ski accident at Flumserberg of all places; luckily no bones broken, but I was brought down the slope by mountain rescue in a sled-stretcher and now own a pair of purple crutches
  101. swim in the sea — don’t like how I can’t see the bottom, but went swimming when I used to go on boat rides
  102. teach a class — used to teach primary school level language for a bunch of kids, same class for about 4 years
  103. tech: have a website — yes, this is a website, i’ve had it since 2003
  104. tech: write a blog — the entire website is built using movabletype, i’ve written a blog post every day since july 2007
  105. travel internationally without a passport — it was pre-9/11, i’d lost my passport that day with no chance of getting a replacement. the first leg was domestic LGA—>SFO and I got by with a photo ID; international out of SFO there was no additional security, I just had to present my boarding pass
  106. volunteer — visited and helped some OAPs as part of a school thing, it was a really great experience
  107. walk away from an unsatisfactory job — did that without anything else lined up, but things worked out pretty well at the end
  108. walk behind a waterfall — did that with mum at niagara
  109. win an academic prize — won a couple of year prizes at school, we could pick a book of our choice and get a nice certificate stuck inside
  110. win nanowrimo — every year since 2004, except 2007
  111. win the lottery — small amounts here and there, nothing more than £25
  112. work at a call centre — did a few days’ temp work picking people’s names and numbers out of the telephone directory and asking them something (can’t remember the script) when I was in college