strange new twitter followers


Two of my newest twitter followers are from strange accounts, but they haven’t interacted with me or spammed me so I’ll keep them for the time being.

One is probably a spoof / fake Bieber-like account, with a username like @justinbiber with a Bieber avatar. This one has 17k followers and says the goal is 10million followers. Almost all links to some sort of funny pic site that I won’t click on.

The most recent one is @epicmantips. Most tweets are some inspirational quotes but the account description is scary:

Epic tips for the modern male. We’re here to help you become a legend. Download our ‘69 Epic Sex Tips’ guide for FREE: [redacted]

WTF did I do to deserve this one?

p.s. the other new one is a verified Guardian journalist, not surprising since I follow the Guardian and a few Guardian and Indy journos.