chicago summer races


I have a small 10-12 day window in July between my arrival and our trip to NOLA for a Chicago race. The CARA race calendar is surprisingly disappointing, nothing in July except a few in the suburbs.

Another race site is more useful, listing races that were held in 2014 with the expectation that they will be held again in 2015, useful for reference:

  • stars and stripes 5k tinley park on 04-jul — fun run, probably full of families and kids
  • bastille day 5k/8k 10-jul-2014 at lincoln park — this is the most promising in terms of date and location
  • chicago challenge 11-jul-2014 — it’s a scavenger race for teams of at least two, so unless I can find someone to team up with, this won’t work
  • chinatown 5k 12-jul-2014 — chinatown is mile 21 on the marathon, the last stretch where there are crowds before the long stretch home, the location is pretty good for a race

Confirmed 2015 races:

  • bubblepalooza 18-jul-2015 — this looks so fun! Running through bubbles. The biggest downside, it’s at libertyville, more than 50 miles from where I will be staying, sigh
  • rock n roll half 19-jul-2015 — would have been perfect except a) we are probably starting our trip to NOLA that day and b) I missed the one day coupon code because I wasn’t paying attention to my twitter feed, RNR races are expensive and a discount code is definitely needed


tl;dr: as of today, I have no Chicago race in the summer.