golo 2

Today we take Golo on his final journey. There were set procedures to follow, with small comforts of tried and tested routines. The officials were well organised. The older generation of family and friends will not accompany the group to the “hill” so they sat in one side of the hall. Friends and family who will go to the hill on another side. We lined up for the final viewing, and each placed a flower on the coffin.

Two coaches were provided for the 45min drive to the crematorium. The ceremony was fast, we paid our respects by bowing, and his wife and kids sent him off with us all saying “goodbye.”

The coach dropped us in town for lunch. We all tried to keep the atmosphere cheerful and positive, to remember good times. Some friends took the day off from work so the King’s crew occupied an entire table.

The lunch finished around 2pm and we said our goodbyes. It was a very sad two days, the silver lining was I met up with so many old friends I’ve lost touch with. We promise we’d keep in touch and the next time we meet will be for good reasons. We even have a whatspp group now.

Got a nice message from his closest friend on behalf of his wife:

On behalf of P and Golo’s family, they would like to thank you all for your help, concern and prayers to Golo in the past 4 years especially in his final days. The money for the wrath and education fund for his daughters are most appreciated.

On a personal note, I hope the memorial and funeral services that was organised in such a short time have given you sweet and happy memories we all had with Golo in the past 20 or 30 years! Although sad and unfortunate, we must thank Golo for providing us this opportunity to get together! Some of the faces we have not seen for years have emerged, some of the contacts we have lost have been reconnected!

All the photos that were showed in the memorial video will be uploaded soon in Dropbox or similar website for you to download and the video will be on YouTube. Thanks to those who provided some of the photos but because he just had too many photos, not all your photos could be included, hope you understand!

Finally I hope we can all treasure this great friendship we have had and take care of your health and love your closed ones, these are more important than making money and any other matters!

Tired. Fell asleep on the bus back home.