maureen fusion restaurant

maureen01tomato maureen02egg
maureen04lamb maureen03noodles

Sis, bless her, invited me over to her place knowing I’ve had an intensive couple of days. She and my niece took me to dinner at a fancy fusion place called Maureen (I think the owner’s name is Maureen). Their spiel is that they sous-vide their food. We had the tasting menu:

  • smoked scallops with oyster sauce
  • “perfect” egg with mushroom truffle sauce
  • braised duck leg with plum sauce
  • lamb rack with hoisin wine sauce / lobster with salted duck egg
  • lo mein with pork broth
  • chocolate mousse with fruit

My niece had marinated cherry tomatoes and noodles. Overall, it was okay. Not stunning, and definitely not as fancy or chefy as they purport to be. The “perfect” 63-degree egg was creamy, I found it overcooked. The duck was tender but like any duck we get a restaurant and the lamb, um, I make better lamb rack (I’m not being cocky, I make lamb racks that people like). The noodles were good, the pork broth the best thing on the menu—rich, intense with depth of flavour. Not much comment about the mousse, it was like warm cream that came out of a nozzle although the chocolate flavour was present.

We had a bottle of Italian wine that was good. Will i go back to this restaurant? Probably not for the tasting menu. Everything on the menu came under the category of “something good-something bad.” May be for the noodles, because of the broth.