crispy skin sea bream with cauliflower cream


Had lunch with my college friend CH, we’d only recently started getting back in touch after not seeing each other for more than 10 years.

We went to a spanish restaurant and amongst the choices of wagyu beef, iberico pork, lobster, seafood fettucine we both chose…fish. Most of our conversation evolved around her son, schools, travelling and keeping healthy. It’s strange, we all seem to feel our age lately. I would never have even considered ordering fish at a restaurant until recently.

That said, the fish was very good. Crispy skin, fish flaky and cooked perfectly. I just feel like I’m turning into the middle-aged boring person who orders fish and skips dessert. Oh yes, I don’t drink as much either, whereas I would have been able to finish off most of a bottle of wine, it took me the better part of a week to drink a bottle of wine lately.

It’s not a bad thing, staying on top of our health. Still a way to go: even less coke, more running, get a body check.