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Super Low-Tech Apple Watches
super low-tech apple watches by flickr user hiné

I haven’t really paid a lot of attention to tha apple watch, apart from acknowledging that it’s out and people are wearing it. I’m still testing out the mi band that we wore to Europe and I’m waiting for my atlas which is a year late (long story).

I do wonder what it’s like to actually wear the apple watch. If I were to get one, I’d most likely get the sports version. There’s some good reviews from people who are serious about exercise on how it stacks up as a fitness tracker:

Part of the allure here is owning a single device that tells time, alerts you of notifications and triples as a fitness tracker.

It’s probably not advanced in its current form to use as anything other than a tracker of casual cardio exercise. If Six-to-Start get their act together and fix zombies, run it’ll be a great integration with the Watch.

Will I get it? No, not now. I’m not obsessed enough about the minute details of my exercising and I don’t care about notifications. Battery life isn’t good. There are a ton of competitors (like the aforementioned late Atlas and the really good Pebble time). I just can’t see the purpose of smartwatches.