interesting holiday houses

I was reading a book where one of the MCs went off to live in a cottage in the Lake District for a few months. Nice, nice, nice. Reminds me that I have a couple of self-catering places saved in instapaper.

orton01 orton02

In Orton, outside the actual Lake District, there’s a small cottage called the gatehouse. The bedroom is on a gallery level that overlooks the living room, there’s even a grand piano there for mm (I’ll forgive the zebra print throw). Looks very quaint and quiet. Not bad for around £500 a week in peak season, and drops to under £400 in September. Then again, it’ll start getting cold around September already.


In Bowness is the dome house which was on grand designs. I remember watching that episode, as the owners battled lack of funds to produce a house with stunning geodesic design, green roof and timber cladding. Turning part of the house into a b&b was part of the financial solution, I guess. There are 2 apartments and a studio, with lap pool and spectacular lake views. Price is something £200 per night, so in the luxury camp.


If there is land somewhere, this ecocapsule from Slovakia can be a portable home anywhere. It has solar panels and a little wind turbine. The interior has a foldable bed, kitchenette and proper (probably chemical) loo. I really do like the idea of off-the grid, green homes but bathroom and kitchen facilities are important too.