bbmm shunde 2

We hadn’t been back to mm’s shunde home for probably a year, and although she has a cleaner coming in regularly, there are some things that needed to be done. Most importantly, we had to change out all bedding last night and run a load of laundry. Then set the alarm for early today to run a second load. It still took us till 11.45am before we were able to leave.

shunde201501tea shunde201502cheung

Lunch was at a dim sum restaurant. They served tea in a fancy clay teapot, which we thought was just a way of charging us more. We had a few dim sum dishes, not a lot. The most unusual was a red rice cheung fun stuffed with crispy…something that tasted like the scraps you get at a fish and chip shop. Nice and seems to be healthier.<

Ran a few errands after lunch, including getting sidetracked at a tea shop. We were looking for tea for my friend A, which they didn’t have (I actually don’t know what the translation of the tea in question is, so it was a bit harder to ask the people at the shops). We saw some other teas and were able to taste two types of iron buddha and a selection of ginseng oolong. The girl made tea in the traditional way, brewing the tea in a lidded cup then pouring into a pot.

The actual destination was to get a massage. We stayed at the massage place for 3.5hrs, getting a Thai stretching massage, foot massage and head & shoulder massage. Dinner was back near mm’s place.