running, cheeseburger


12.09km 1.52.52hr 9.20min/km

Some days I know, within 5 minutes, whether the day’s run will be good or not. Today’s run…wasn’t. The training plan called for 12 miles (20km) and I knew I wasn’t ready for it—I’m undertrained and it was around 27ºC with the sun beating down. My goal was 2hrs, hoping that I can get at least 8-9 miles. At the beginning of the run I reached the end of the block and felt sluggish and heavy, my mind went, “uh oh.”

I ran around the field opposite the church, and included part of the church car park and some leafy streets around the area. Started okay, but simply couldn’t get moving. Struggled to 6k, then to 10k and had to really push the last 2k, I was more at walking pace.

To make matters worse, I think I’ve gained weight. My jeans don’t fit as well. Been eating heavier food than normal. Yesterday before theatre we went to moody’s pub in edgewater and had a really great cheeseburger and a dark beer. It’s not the food really, we haven’t been over indulging; it’s my own fault for not running enough and skipping training. If I want to PR at the marathon, I must do better.