mcdonald’s apple pie sundae

I wanted to get a mcdonald’s ice cream cone the other day after running, a treat for myself on the walk home. Something was wrong with their machine and there was a 20-min wait so I left without it. I then spotted a video about mcdonald’s pies around the world and saw that I can get apple pie à la mode. (Taro and red bean pies are my favourites, the usually sell out quickly so we get a few more and freeze them if we come across them.)


Normally iIt’s an easy hack, just order an apple pie and an ice cream and either ask them to mix or mix it yourself. But this was a genuine menu item that could be found on the promotions website, cost around the equivalent of 99p. They break an apple pie in two, add ice cream and choice of strawberry or chocolate sauce.


It’s cheaper than getting a pie and regular sundae separately, but the amount of ice cream is lesser, around the same as the plain cone. Which then makes it not good value because pie+cone cost less than apple pie sundae, perhaps the extra cost is the sauce? Or novelty factor? Ah well, it’s such an insignificant amount, not worth worrying about. It’s not very likely I’ll order it again any time soon.

Sometimes the actual item looks nothing like the official pics, in this case the resemblance is not too bad.