road trip day 01: chicago to new york state

The alarm was at 3.30am, our aim was to leave at 4.15am. By the time we checked everything and loaded the car, we were close—left at 4.30am. The start of our road trip, with final destination provincetown. The aim today was around halfway, to western new york.

Snacked on hard boiled eggs, leftover pizza and cheese in the car. I also managed to nap for about an hour or so.

yogafredonia01 yogafredonia02

Reached our friend R’s house in western new york state at 2pm. Great to see her and her son, I love their house—typical wooden cladding outside and even more beautiful wooden flooring inside. We also made time to visit the yoga studio of our friend L. More beautiful interiors, the studio is located in what looks like a warehouse and looked quite plain outside. Inside was pretty and peaceful, I can feel how great it would be to do yoga there.

Said goodbye to our friends and continued for about 3hrs. Overnight stop at Syracuse. Had a quick dinner (salmon and 2 sides for me) then spent the evening watching tv and relaxing. Nice to have time and room to veg out after a long day of travlling. I woke up with a swollen left knee and have been hobbling all day, I’m looking forward to putting my feet up—Carleen made me an icepack to ice the knee too.