ptown beach, drinks and show


Leisurely morning, didn’t do much except read, play with the ipad and eat leftover pizza. We left at mid-morning to visit the nearby beaches. First to race point then to herring cove. They are pretty beaches and it was peaceful just to stand still on the beach and listen to the sounds of the waves. It was a nice morning, warm and not windy.

Back to ptown and parked in the all-day car park. Headed to the squealing pig in search of a drink and food. Found friends in addition to the drinks and food. I had a couple of their pumpkin beer and a lobster roll for lunch. Found even more friends, walked around the shops and had clam chowder at the lobster pot. I’d been looking forward to the seafood here and I’m not disappointed.

The event we went to was the gcls meet’n’greet at the sage inn. A good turnout, and lots of people I don’t know. I started by hiding behind the registration desk but eventually managed to meet a couple of new faces. A couple of friends bought me wine, I ended the evening with 3 glasses of cab and a beer.

After the meet’n’greet was a comedy show by one of our esteemed members, Fay. I saw the show at the con in NOLA, it was just as great second time around. Instead of doing standup jokes, Fay told funny anecdotes of her own life. And what a life. She was a master at comedy, didn’t need any props or gimmicks, just sitting on stage and telling us the stories. It was a masterclass of comedic writing and timing.