all the burger (buns) in the world


It started with a pic of a mac-n-cheese burger I instagrammed my niece. Yes, instead of the regular buns, rockit burger bar in chicago used mac n cheese. I’m guessing it’s related to the ramen burger that was the craze a couple of years ago. I tried making ramen burger once, I don’t think it was very successful.

I was randomly googling and found out there are a lot of different ideas for replacing the buns. Not only variations of bread like english muffin, scone, wraps, baguette, other food that can be shaped into a container. If it can hold a burger and trimmings, then someone has thought of it:



Actually I’d eat a burger with yorkies as buns. This 5,000 calorie behemoth was described as a roast dinner burger with yorkies:

two 20oz patties, mozzarella cheese, slow cooked beef brisket, pulled chicken in homemade onion gravy, and hand cut chips sandwiched between two giant Yorkshire puddings

Together with a pint of milkshake it was an eating challenge: if completed within 30mins, the brave person gets a free t-shirt and the meal free. The restaurant has now discontinued this particular challenge but they still have other challenges including one with 3 cheeseburgers, 3 chicken breasts, 3 rashers of bacon, 12 ounces oí pulled pork, 12 ounces oí brisket, a pound of chips and a milkshake.


Grrr, even typing all that made me feel like I’m overstuffed with carbs. There are even more creative ways to substitute the bun to make carb-free burgers: mushroom, sweet potato, tomato. Reminds me of this really delicious-looking tomato burger from mos burger in tokyo. If tokyo is a bit far, those in the US with in-and-out can just order protein style, ie lettuce as buns, from the not-so-secret menu.


Then again, why not skip the carbs and the veggies and put the burger in between two intricately weaved squares of bacon. Because bacon.