101.1001 challenge: day 760 update


Update for 101 tasks in 1001 days challenge; less than 8 months left.
tl;dr: 760 days, 80 tasks done, 21 tasks remaining

    on track–ongoing or cumulative tasks:

  • 5. 1001 posts on website–in the middle of copying old posts from MT to WP so the count is suspended; should complete before last day as there are days with more than one post
  • 16. finish writing lamplight–it’s actually finished, I need one last review
  • 40. complete a ‘walk to Mordor’ challenge–currently at 1650 of 1779 miles, should reach goal in one or two months
  • 74. put away $10 for every goal completed–this will be done on the last day
  • 75. set aside $1 for each goal achieved and donate to charity–again, a last day task
  • 88. make a list and photoset of 101 favourite things–list is still incomplete
    doable–haven’t started but are doable:

  • 18. design a book cover–I have a few designs in my head
  • 19. write a short story–the plan is to write about a couple of side characters in nano2015
  • 30. new country (3)–if I don’t add a country next year, I’ll claim Palestine
  • 42. db bench press PR–train more
  • 46. go rock-climbing (real or wall)–the YMCA has a beginner’s course, I need to ring them up and make a booking
  • 60. open a cookbook to a random page and make whatever is on it–get it done, it’s not hard
  • 61. plan, make and serve a three-course meal, with wine–menu is planned, need occasion
  • 68. new whisky (5)–finished 2 bottles in the rotation, will open a new one soon
  • 80. scan 101 family pictures–I’ve just been too lazy to get this done
    need work–harder tasks for various reasons:

  • 1. upgrade macOS at least once–I know the mba will need to be replaced eventually; I’m hoping it can last a while longer, may be I can change the task to iOS
  • 8. old musical–depends on travelling plans next year
  • 41. break a running PR–it’s both a question of running more and staying injury free
  • 76. make a will–either use sis’ or mm’s; or make an appointment with a lawyer
  • 95. learn how to rocher–I almost did it, need practice
  • 101. be more grateful and patient with family–so subjective