science & engineering news from IC

I get the Imperial magazine which they send out to alumni and people they manage to get onto their mailing lists. The most recent issue [pdf] is quite interesting reading. Technical focus of course, since it’s IC.

There’s an interview with the new President, Professor Alice P. Gast, the first woman and the first non-Briton to be the head of IC. There’s news about the new White City site (the old BBC Wood Lane buildings). A recap of the 2015 festival and other alumni news.

A few articles were worthy of detailed reading.

Campus Life: Potential Energy is about a PhD student doing research into converting waste products to biofuels, who also doubles as co-founder of a startup that provides regions in India with clean energy–from solar power to equipment that converts agricultural waste to electricity. She was the first winner of the £10,000 Althea-Imperial prize for women students.

A team of IC engineers have developed a small sensor that syncs with an app to enable users and their medical practitioners to monitor their health. The team won a $120,000 Distinguished Award at X-Challenge, an international competition for medical sensing technologies. The AcuPebble is the size of a pound coin and sticks to the user’s chest or back, listening to heart-rate & breathing, and sending the results to an app.

From this acoustic signal, a variety of physiological and disease related parameters can be obtained, such as lung volumes, breathing rate, heart rate that are useful for diagnosing several medical conditions.


A short article celetrated the 100th anniversary of Einsten’s general relativity, which theoretically makes time travel possible, by asking several alumni and professors what they would do with a time travel machine. The answers were pretty boring and predictable: they’d all go back in time to visit certain specific points in history. One said to visit Nikola Tesla; another said he’d take Leonardo Da Vinci to the 21st century; someone namechecked Maxwell and Newton. Hmm, not a very original bunch, IC people.

p.s. I think I get the King’s magazine too, although it’s now an app which means they prefer we fetch it ourselves.