check go bag, add more whisky

whiskyfor gobag2016

Did the annual inspection of the emergency go bag. Added a t-shirt, because I only had a long-sleeve shirt there initially. Checked the expiry dates on food–MRE is okay, replaced sweets and chocolate even though they were still within expiry date, changed the bottle of water to a newer one too. Checked medicine and toiletries for air-tightness and expiry dates. Updated photocopy of passport.

Am thinking of adding shoes. There’s not a lot of room in the backpack, but I may be able to tie a pair of lightweight sneakers on the outside.

The other change was taking out the small keychain hipflask containing whisky and replacing it with a normal sized hipflask that my sis gave me as Christmas present. The small keychain flask had enough for a few mouthfuls and it’s not enough. I don’t have that many whiskies in the rotation at the moment, so it was filled with The Macallan 12.