It’s mm’s nephew’s 12th birthday. Wow, time flies. Family and friends met up at an outdoor bbq place. We were about half an hour early so we took a short walk around the farm next door that advertised PYO strawberries. It’s too early in the season, but everything was prepared. The plants were in the ground, protected with plastic sheets. There was a worker busily weeding.

BBQ itself was an AYCE affair. The staff started two pits for us, then each person is equipped with a bbq fork and grilled their own food. There were the usual steak, pork chop, chicken wings and sausages. Veg was extra, which was disappointing. Included was one soft drink per person free of charge, additional for a charge. Would have been nice if they had beer, guess it’s a blessing since I’m still flu-y.

Finished with a nice blueberry mousse birthday cake.