nano day 02 | 7180 total


3812 words | 7180 total

Uneventful day. I made lunch, wrote a bit, hit 5000 and gave myself a small reward of reading. Reached 6300 by the time I had to go make dinner and got the rest in by 9.30pm. At this early stage, I’m introducing characters left, right and centre. I’m using a combination of scrivener’s name generator and behind the name‘s random name generator which helpfully gives basic stats and life story. This year’s nano takes place in a pretty homogeneous suburb, so I’m sticking with simple westernised names.

Update nano site, update website, save, back up, done. Reading time.

The only eventful event that happened today was I roasted some chestnuts and was unsuccessful in getting them out of the shells. I have no idea why. When I cracked the shell, the nut would break in two and I had to use a spoon to get the flesh out. So now instead of the expected whole chestnuts I have a container of chestnut breadcrumbs. I was going to use them in a stew but now I either have to make soup (I saw recipes for carrot & chestnut and cauliflower & chestnut soup) or a dessert or use as ice cream topping. I guess it’s not a huge disaster.