5000 posts


I didn’t even notice, I passed 5000 posts on the website. Post #5000 was the one about the Japanese oogui eater on 10-May-2018. Granted, 5000 posts on this WP installation is different from the original MT installation, because I reorganised.

Anyway, I can argue with myself about the date of post #1.

The post with the earliest date is 30-Apr-1996 because I was writing up past trips and that was the trip to Guilin. The post itself was probably written in 2006 or later.

The actual first post on the website was 23-Sep-2003 which I have in my mind as my website anniversary. I’m going to call this post #1.

Between post #1 and post #5000:

  • 14 years, 7 months, 17 days
  • 5,343 days
  • 128,232 hours
  • 7,693,920 minutes
  • 461,635,200 seconds

Next 5000 posts, may be in 5000 days.