ikea comedy of errors


Our new domestic helper arrives tomorrow, so we’ve been getting ready for her. She’ll sleep on my sofabed while I’m on my trip so we won’t need to get her a bed yet. We’ve looked around and have an idea where to get it, the frame from a chain furniture shop and the mattress from ikea.

We got sheets, duvet, pillow and towels from ikea plus a couple of sets of duvet covers from another shop last week. Our problems started this morning when mum went to wash the covers, only to discover they are actually sheets. Argh, we have sheets already, now there are 4 sets. But it means no duvet covers. So I went to ikea after lunch to get them. I made sure they are single duvet covers, these came with pillowcases too. So now there are 5 pillowcases because some of the sheets come with them.

Second problem. When I got home we discovered the duvet we bought last week was the wrong size. Instead of single we must have grabbed a double. Argh again! Back to ikea we trudged. I was pissed off and hot and tired by then.

Initially they wouldn’t accept the return because the package was opened. Mum persisted and got us the refund in the end, phew. We made sure the duvet was the right size. There was some money left over, enough for me to get 2 bottles of cider. Silver lining.

I’m so tired of this.