how to be happy in 5mins


Came across 25 ways to feel happier in the next 5mins at the aptly named Very much one of those personal empowerment type of website, and they of course have an app that people can download so some of it is for money. I’m not convinced these work. In fact, as I read down the list, I’m like no, that’s stupid.

  1. listen to a favourite piece of music–this may work
  2. write it down–they say that writing down 3 positive things each day will make us more optimistic and less stressed
  3. get outside–fresh air, and I believe in this one
  4. walk it out–for me it’s filling up items on a list for the sake of filling it up, what’s the difference between this one and #3
  5. make a statement–no, not write it out, they say make a statement with accessories, like wear a necklace or sunglasses or shoes, which I think is completely naff
  6. give yourself a boost–like superfruit boost such as fruit smoothie
  7. leave a note–don’t see how this will help
  8. do something–I think I’m getting increasingly cynical of this list
  9. say thank you–how does this make us happy
  10. learn something new–wow, that’s completely ignorant of how depression works
  11. be a good listener–what? no, I need peace and quiet
  12. let it go–okay, the second tip that works
  13. straighten up–mm is forever telling me not to slouch
  14. try something new–first we learn something new, then it’s try.
  15. spend money–seriously, forget this
  16. text a friend–and burden them with our problems, yeah right
  17. make plans–huh?
  18. h=elp someone–only if they want to be helped
  19. stop comparing yourself–#3 that may work
  20. smile–tone deaf
  21. power color–now this one is really, really stupid
  22. treat yourself–yeah, like spend money
  23. read something–in 5mins, okay
  24. cute overload–seriously, they want us to look at kittens and puppies to get happier
  25. think positive–again, totally oblivious to the effects of depression