Originally designed on an Apple Powerbook G4 Titanium, with occasion usage of a Strawberry iMac and in extreme circumstances, a Dell Inspiron 6000. Later designs on a MacBook Pro and then MacBook Air. Computers I’ve owned:

  • Amstrad PPC640 running MS-DOS 3
  • IBM PS/2 running MS-DOS 5/6/Windows 3
  • Mac LC running OS 6
  • Performa 6200 running OS 7
  • Graphite iMac DV/SE running OS 9
  • Powerbook G4 running OS 9.2.2 (actually OS X running in Classics mode)
  • Dell Inspiron 6000 running Windows XP
  • MacBook Pro running 10.4
  • MacBook Air running 10.6



In the beginning, the website was built using Movable Type with some coding in Dreamweaver.

In November 2015, my ISP upgraded their server software causing massive errors with the MT installation. Since they started charging for the software, I switched to WordPress, which is free.

Hosting by icdsoft.


web standards

I believe web standards is a damned.good.thing, like any best practices. I have enjoyed the process of learning to format using css, use php scripts and more.

The site should look fine on modern browsers and on mobile. Boxes and table-like elements are done using float in css. There are no frames on this website.


design and photography

At the time of the September 2003 reset the structure of site was designed using the most basic, but most effective, method — pencil and paper. That sketch has been preserved for posterity. I didn’t draw a new one for the September 2007 reset.

Font is easy-on-the-eye Verdana. This should be common enough to be recognized by most browsers, failing that it’s good ol’ arial, helvetica, geneva and finally general sans serif fonts. I do not like serif fonts.

I’m not a photographer, not even a competent amateur one, I know nothing about equipment or technique. Photos are taken on a Canon EOS650 (the original autofocus camera!), Canon EOS300, Canon ixus, Canon EOS350D, Nikon Coolpix S550, Canon S90, Canon S110, iphone 4, iphone 6.

All images are archived at flickr. Post-processing in Photoshop.