world cup of transit maps


I was just waxing nostalgic about my 2007 trip to Chile. I don’t remember travelling on their subway system, but I’m sort of pleased to see that Santiago just won the World Cup of Transit Maps. This #wctransitmaps is a:

celebration of transit maps and diagrams from around the world, whether they be real or imaginary, or from the past, future or present.

They started with 32 cities around the world, from NYC and Chicago to Seoul and Stockholm. Voting was by twitter. In the semi-finals, Santiago beat Boston and Moscow beat London (boooooo).

They have maps of all contenders. The Santiago one is clean and simple and show main roads. I’m not sure it’s my favourite, but if that’s what people voted for, then yay!


And, more packing. I made a start on Papa’s room, clearing the old desk and his desk. Keeping paperwork with me when we move, just like I packed the files in my filing cabinet to 4 office boxes.


For a bit of light relief, I’m playing geoguessr. It’s been around for a while. It’s a game that drops the player in a random location and the trick is to put a pin on the google map to as close to the actual location as possible. We can focus on a smaller area, like central london. There’s the blazingly obvious, like the London Eye above.


Or the obvious to Londoners, like the Odeon Shaftesbury Ave, which I’m surprised is still around.


There are really obscure building sites and residential streets. Luckily we can move around the map and sometimes street name signs are vaguely visible. If not the street name, it may be possible to deduce council. This pretty mews can be anywhere, but walking out to the main street and I could see Post Office Tower in the background so I can guess the approximate location.

Pretty fun game to take my mind off things for a few minutes.

illustrated marathon maps


Went running the other day, did 5k around the reservoir park. Extremely slow and there is no doubt I’ve lost 100% of my fitness, probably more since I need to lose weight too. It’s been a year since my last serious run. I still follow Paris Marathon on social media but I don’t dare think about any of it. I wonder when I’ll be ready to go back to running.

Saw the reddit thread by an artist who produced illustrated marathon maps. He’s done maps for Berlin, Boston, Chicago, London, MCM, New York, Pittsburg, San Francisco, and Tokyo. All the drawings are fantastic, my favourites are London and Tokyo mainly because these are two cities I know and love. Definitely worth checking out the full gallery.


The prints are available for sale. $28 isn’t too bad though I wish they sold postcard sized too so I can get the whole set. If they did a Paris map I’ll consider getting the print; it’s the one that got away, innit.

visited states

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According to the OECD I should live in Canada and Australia. So I was wondering where exactly, which led me to think about which states I’ve visited. In Canada I’ve only visited 2 states: Ontario and BC. I’ve been to Toronto twice, neither times I’ve been that impressed honestly. Niagara Falls was impressive, I won’t want to live there. Niagara-on-the-Falls was pretty, and again not somewhere I want to live. I liked Vancouver much better and really liked Victoria, so may be somewhere on the west coast.

syd156gap mel074station

In Oz I’ve been to NSW, Victoria and Queensland. The usual suspects, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Since I’ve been to Sydney many times, I’m partial to it. That said, I’m not Aussie enough to appreciate the rivalry between Sydneysiders and people from Melbourne, Brisbane and other parts. I love Australia, it’s like the UK with better weather and great wine. A bit far away from everything though.


I have a map of places I’ve visited in the world, but the other big map is of US states visited. I was very tempted by the big magnetic map with magnets shaped like the various states, but too large to carry home. Lots of online map making sites though. I made one that shows states I’ve spent time (at least stopped at an attraction) vs states I’ve only travelled through. 30 states visited and 8 travelled through. I think it’s correct, I should look back to our big Chicago—>Fort Worth—>Washington DC in 2007 to double check.


I saw this last week already: BLACK MACBOOK!!!!! Yeeeee-hawww.

I’m not tempted, since it’s an iBook replacement and doesn’t have the ooomph of the macbook pro. It looks awfully pretty though, and definitely drool-worthy. One commenter in the numerous articles I read said that Apple knows its customers well, we are the sort of geek who would shell out an extra $200 just because it’s black. Remember my iMac Graphite Special Edition?


mixin’ maps


You know what they say about healthy competition. If Singapore has theirs (actually one, two of them), then Hong Kong should have its own anagram remix transit map too.

Here’s the full-sized version with all the stations on the MTR.

Here’s the original map.

Yes, I know a bunch of city subway systems have been remixed. And I’m usually not a follower (really?). But this is too much fun NOT to do, especially since it’s the weekend and I’m at home doing nothing much.